An artistic incubation ecosystem

Support for professional artists

The Bang Centre is an artistic incubation ecosystem. Its support and resources are aimed at professional artists, artists’ collectives, curators and arts organizations. Support to artists consists of financial support, equipment, professional support, training, creation, production and dissemination spaces.


The Bang Centre wishes to support artistic experimentation while paying particular attention to the impact of a project on the development of the artist’s professional career. Bang proposes a co-production relationship, i.e. it positions itself as a strategic partner responsible for mobilizing the resources and expertise necessary to carry out the project. This process is carried out with full respect for intellectual property and the artist’s freedom of creation and expression. 

This partnership implies that Bang offers personalized support to the artists and that, in turn, the artists truly engage in a collaborative process with the centre. The Bang team is interested in artists who wish to be questioned and stimulated, conceptually, strategically and pragmatically.

To be invited by the Bang Centre, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Support and Resources for Artists, Examples of Eligible Projects, Evaluation Process, Evaluation Criteria and complete the Registration Form. If your application is selected, the Bang Evaluation Committee will contact you to discuss your application in person and initiate the collaborative process with you.

Anick Martel

Artistic Coordinator


132, rue Racine Est, C.P. 8125
Chicoutimi (Québec)
G7H 5B5


418 543-2744


Anick Martel will be available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.